Pricing - Tema Foto


You get prints from EUR 1.

You get downloades from EUR 59.

Rights when purchase digital photos

File type:  .jpg format.

2MP or lower resolution, suitable for online ads, etc.

2MP - 5MP resolution, suitable for small prints in brochures, etc.

5MP - MAX MP resolution, suitable for large prints, wallpaper, etc.


- Right to use in any future.

- Right to use for internal business purposes and external marketing, third parties can not use the image.

- Right to own use at home and on own web pages, third parties can not use the image. 

Terms of use:

- Print of various information and marketing materials (advertisement sheets and brochures), websites and other online media channels in the Company.

- If the images are desired to be used on income material such as, for example, Calendars and postcards, please contact the photographer.

- If a third party wishes to use the images, contact the photographer.

- The photographs should only be used for the agreed purpose.

- The buyer should be careful when rendering pictures so that it does not hurt / violate anyone.

- Unauthorized use will be charged with EUR 500.

Shipping and Print Labs

You can select shipping price on the "Choose Shipping" page that come up after you have filled in your "Shipping Address" page. You will find this when you submitt your "Shopping Cart". 

These are the contries that can be shipped to by SmugMug print labs.

These are the print labs used in this shop, powered by SmugMug.